Many times we had traveled by bus from West Los Angeles after ditching school and spending the day at P.O.P. in Santa Monica. Exhausted and delirious, we rode the Mahi Mahi continuously after taking it's spinning hilarity through the day's fun filled journey. The Mahi Mahi and the illusive Fun House were my favorite attractions. I can remember one time I got in trouble after passing out and over sleeping on the returning ride to our neighborhood. Unconsciously we traveled past our city, winding up in Hollywood, and having to explain why we came home so late after walking for ten miles pennilessly back home in the dark. After parentally asking for an explanation, we replied, "Why We Were Just Out Having Some Fun!"

Fondly remembered, P.O.P will forever be cherished in my heart. It is hard to forget something that has been so dearly loved. Current amusement parks are highly technical, sophisticated, extremely thrilling, somewhat remote and very costly. Magic Mountain (online) @ $ 37.00 & $ 62.00 per day @ the gate to $ 80.00 for Disneyland etc...Yikes!

Long live the impressive parks of the yesteryears that had their own style of ambience and antiquity for they have gracefully evolved into a "New Era Of Enchantment."

P.O.P. Amusement Park ticket 1958-1967
A ticket to Paradise