Another pre-breakfast creation made me reminisce of the bright summer mornings I missed before I went off to work in the studios during the dark sunrises of winter.

The blue and red dripped paints were applied long before I had discovered Jackson Pollock's techniques of the same aesthetic genre. I use dots, circles, balls and globes connected linearly as symbols of traveling and flowing like molecules in a running stream of water. They represent the escape from the monotonous regularity of the everyday ambitious grind symbolized by the mass of color at the base of this spontaneously constructed composition. Like as if the sun were communicating to Earth.

I would try to create a work of art each morning with fast drying enamels so that when I returned back home they would be dry and ready enough to make additions, where as the oil paintings would dry more slowly.

Solar sunrise by a drip and spray can creation.
"Solar morning in winter"