Some of the days on the Dragnet set were extremely energetic and proactive. There was barely time to work on this felt-tip doodle all day. After work it was dark and the weather ushered in some rain. In a dash to get to my car without an umbrella this doodle dropped out of my portfolio and into a stationary puddle. Thanks to peripheral vision momentarily I turned my head and noticed it flying in the wind and spotted it floating in the stagnant waters. Empathetically, I wiped it off and shoved it in my shirt to dry off. Pencils rarely smear, were as felt tips will.

All art is relevant to my daily activities, and that days events were highly motivated.

The water drenched Doodle juxtaposed the precise events that took place at work that day. "What Goes Around Comes Around" so said the prophets.....Karma 101!

Jack Webb profile drawing water damanged
"Dragnet Doodle"
(Water damaged )