The bride is begged by other
lovers and tortured by her peers,
trying to convince her not to marry
(a dance performance at Calarts 1981)

Technical note;
In an emergency, due to a camera equipment failure that left me wounded without a flash attachment from the camera to the flash unit, I remembered and old Philosophy stating that the term photography, translated in Latin means to "*Write With Light." So, I hand held the camera-shutter open for lengthy exposures with one hand and seperately freeze-flashed the subjects with the other. The ambient movement was created as a blur on the exposure due to the slightly dimmed house lights. Strictly an experiment, but an accidental marriage of the two sources of lighting. The show of those images went successfully on display in the CalArts gallery and later found in advertising which had never been used before. "Innovation Is The Most Creative Nation On Earth" and "The Mother Of Necessity."

"Matrimonial Dance-2"
"Matrimonial Dance-2"