Vintage Hill Bombing 1979 Richard Mann Skateboarding downhill in Venice Ca.
"Vintage Hill Bombing 1975"

"Cheap thrills at night"

Why are they called skateboards? Back in 1956 when we first experienced adapting our older sister's abandoned steel-wheeled clip-on roller skates, by flattening them out with a sledgehammer and nailing them to a 2" X 4" foot long- board, a new type of vehicle was born. Someone who might have created that identical innovation coined the term, Skateboard! Long before then, it was seen in the "Little Rascals films of the 1930's. "The steel wheeled concept of the 1930's and again in the 1950’s evolved into the contemporary version of "Little Rascals Hill Bombing-2010” (this video has been reversed in Apple’s final-cut pro program for visual effects.) Current technology, trick performances, competitions, common transportation, and the media coverage of and about skateboarding have progressed immensely!