Hungry Soup fit for an empire, reciepe to create it by

"Soup For You, One Year!"

Seinfeld's "Pot-au-feu"

Recipe for enchanting a palate: No set measurements, use your own judgment.

Consume organic vegetables etc., If affordable. No: MSGs, GMOs, or BPAs!

1 four quart pot. Coconut oil, (no: hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats)
2 quarts of alkaline or filtered water if available (7-10 ph)
Soak: chopped potatoes, Brussels sprouts, baby round carrots, black beans, brown rice, and asparagus stalks all in Chicken broth for 3hrs. or overnight before cooking. After vegetables etc. are softened, combine them with: broccoli, green pepper slices, mushrooms, asparagus heads, and cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, cauliflower, and sweet snow peas. Join with (Lean) roasted or pre-cooked: shredded chicken, beef, seafood or fish.% Eliminate meats for vegans etc.% Spices: black pepper, cayenne, curry, hot sauce (if desired), dried seaweed (Wakame), Herbs: (pickled-pink ginger served as a topping, but not cooked), turmeric, cinnamon, and garlic. Optional: pasta (gluten-free), non hydrogenated-low sodium chicken or beef broth and anything else that might be nutritious and delicious.

Simmer and boil slowly, stir often, marinate and add water if soup becomes a stew or thickens.

Accompanied with a small salad for fiber, and....Voy a la, you've got yourself a hardy meal!
Store in glass jars and refrigerate for future servings. Smell all foods for freshness before reheating. If any foods or combinations of foods smell foul or taste distasteful, Don't consider digesting them, "Better Safe Than Sorry!"

Limit or refrain from the use of "canned foods" (BPA). Prepare foods fresh or sold in glass containers. Serve with glass, ceramic bowls etc. (resist using melamine or plastic for serving or storing).