" Cobra Car Demonstrator Extrodanare"
"AC 260 Ford-Cobra"

"My first real job"

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Similar to the 1956 Austin-Healy my sister owned, the 1961 AC Bristol chassis and body was used to develop the AC Ford Cobra. At the time the first Cobras were introduced by the manufacture, Carroll Shelby. As my first full time steady job, I was hired as a salesman by “George Nutel’s Downtown Ford” to sell the new 260 Falcon-Sprint and 427 Ford Supercars. My practical salesmanship skills were not so adequate but my ability for demonstrating the new models were especially the Cobras.' back in 1963, well reputed by my peers as a street racer relatively lead to my being chosen as one of two demonstrators for the new AC Ford-260 Cobra sports cars. I never met Carroll Shelby, but It was requested by the owner of the dealership and sales team, to radically drive and stimulate the buyer’s interests. I would take a potential customer out to a nearby non-busy industrial-street and during the driving demo apply a racing technique used with standard transmissions, better described then as a “Full-Throttle Power-Shift” By reaching maximum performance from the engine, inadvertently I burned out three clutch discs. It was a unique experience and fruitful employment opportunity I’ll never forget!

High-Performance Thrills With Pay and a great tale for spectatatots at the races.