Not the same Dick Mann but we met
"Dick (Bugsy) Mann"

I'm Flattered to be associated with the likes of Dick "Bugsy" Mann (#2) and knowing that someone linked myself (a dissimilar Dick Mann) tagged in Google+. "As a world class road racer," he rode BSA motorcyclers for many years during the 1960's. Specifically he road raced a BSA 750cc Rocket Three. Merely by coincidence, back then, I also known as Dick Mann rode a custom BSA Rocket Three-Cafe Racer in the street during the same time he was racing. I met him and his wife Suzzy many times at Riverside Raceway. Any reference to these Cumberland photographs is merely a co-occurrence. May our interests independently and collaboratively within motorcycling live on forever!

Until recently, I had exclusively ridden English motorcycles for 45 years. BSA Gold-star, Ariel 4, Royal Enfield, Matchless,Triumphs, Vincents etc. were of my many preferences. My interests currently evolved toward single cylinder Japanese etc. motard-like motorcycles, for maintence ease and weight purposes. They are a more practical and contemporay choise for manuvering safely in traffic. Riding forward in a road-race and Café-style seated position with clip-on handlebars, the past years, tediously created degenerated nerve damage. Sitting upright (not especially the safest position) is healthier because of having to move the head around wearing a weighted-helmet. Taking into consideration that street motorcycling may be dangerous, it is the most quintessential form of urban transportation, even though it's challenging to keep it under control.

Richard Mann