Water tank relief valve invention
"Water air-release valve"

An Accessory Invention

Nameless for now, the Air Releasing One-Way Sealing Water Valve Accessory is designed and assembled to assist users of plastic water tanks with increasing water flow. Without the use of this devise, to obtain a rapid flow of water, the primary original sealing cap keeps an airtight seal on the tank that must be unsealed to release the vacuum that keeps the water from flowing rapidly. This is a tedious operation and sometimes the cap is accidentally left opened which after time, reduces the water’s PH (Alkaline balance).
The Air-Releasing Cap With Valve lets in air one-way that reduces the vacuum when the faucet below is opened, than seals back up automatically. When the faucet is not opened the Air-Releasing Cap keeps the waters PH high and in tack. This vacuum is experienced more when the water is displaced by air with a ½ filled tank, as opposed to a fully filled tank which has more flowing pressure.

Sometimes a few drops leak from the Air-Releasing Cap With Valve when transporting the tank from a water store or when traveling. The Air-Releasing Cap should be used basically after the tank has an idle location. The cap not containing the Air Releasing Cap and Valve insures that there will be no leakage when transporting the tank.
The use of this valve accessory saves time and convenience by not having to release the vacuum by hand with each use and the increase of water flow reduces the time to obtain the water from the tank.

Currrently there are, nine million tanks are in use. Numerous more are to be obtained. This devise offers an upgrade and improvement to these portable water containers.
The air-releasing valve-cap is assembled in four parts:
1. The cap (with fitted hole)
2. Bottom part of the valve
3. Membrane (within the valve)
4. Top part of the valve

Created, designed and photographed by Richard Mann
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