Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari 250 GTO

During 1963, I worked at George Nutel’s Downtown Ford dealership in Los Angeles Ca. as a new car salesman. Due to my street-drag-racing experience, I was hired to demonstrate and chauffeur interested clientele for the new *Carroll Shelby-AC Ford 260 Cobra pro-types. One morning on the way to work I glanced in the garage where the mechanics were working on one of the Cobras I burnt out a clutch on, and shockingly witnessed George’s new 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO V-12 motor sitting on the floor. He had replaced it with a more powerful 427 high-performance Ford V-8 super-motor and transmission. To say the least, George thought the Ferrari motor was gutless compared to the powerful engines of that era. Immediately after removal, he posted a “For Sale” advertisement in the local newspaper for that virgin-Ferrari motor. A misprint for the price read $500.00 instead of $5,000.00. Barraged with over 100 calls and responses’ in the first hour, George reversed his decision to sell and kept the motor to be displayed in the living room of his home. . . . Hmmm

During another job five years earlier, while working for James Coburn, the actor, I would see him go off to work at the studios every morning in his Identical 1963 250 GTO Berlinetta Ferrari Sports Coupe. Interrupting my work for a quick glance, I'd look up and admire that car from afar. It was a regular eye-candy-occurrence. I use to say to myself . . . Wow, "There goes that car"

Shortly after, at yet another job, for a different employer (Herb Citrin), at the renown Lawry’s Steak House/Restaurant in Beverly Hills Ca., near to our home, I worked as a valet parking attendant. I had the privilege and opportunity of driving yet a different 250 GTO to our auxiliary lot nearby the restaurant. After driving it around for an extra block, before I parked it, I took it, for a short joy-ride and energetically I floored it full-throttle for a few seconds just to see what it was packing for power. To my surprise it paled in comparison to the hot-rods and super-cars I’ve owned and experienced throughout my years as a hot-rodder. Nonetheless, it was the most luxurious and unique luxury sports car of its time.

Currently in 2016, a similar 1963 250 GTO Berlinetta Ferrari Sport Coupe is coined as the "Most valuable Automobile On Earth” which was way over bid at a United States auction for a cool $35 million cash to Craig McCraw ref: and at yet another auction an additional 250 GTO was sold privately for cool $52 million. Two bidders must have wanted it really badly (A war of affluence sort of speak)

Mr. Enzo Ferrari will long be remembered for his accomplishments and contribution to the excellence of superior automobile manufacturing.