This painting was influenced by my reputation of being labled as the Lamp-head throughout all of the major studios because of the fumbling butterfingered explosion accident that I was involved in. "Lighting Explosion" was the sketch which inspired my painting "Ice Cream In Hell."

I went many amusing months with a jacket labeled me as a "Lamp-head" before it became old and finally wore out it's welcome. I've always considered being lucky to have acquired a studio job after returning home pennilessly from the Navy. My uncle was a studio carpenter and made the proper connections to pull me into the lighting union. At times it seemed as though it was a surprising reward and a fortunate endeavor of love, while equally discovering it simultaneously interfered with any aesthetic endeavors which was an infernal-demonic-torture. I ignored laboring for the film industry because it financially allotted me the funds to be able to afford my passion of sports cars, motorcycles and Hot Rods and the downtime at work to sketch from my inner most thoughts and experiences.

A painting inspired by reputation of being tabled as the Lamphead throughout the studios.
"Ice Cream In Hell"