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Venice Beach Ca, Boardwalk / Chairsailing with Ron Kovic
“ChairSailing" Circa 1975

Born On The 4th Of July, renowned Ron Kovic, samples a curious unconventional cruising adventure. This image is featured in the 1983 book about the Boardwalk, titled "North Beach 90291, Rich Mann in Venice."

While Windsailing on my skateboard down the Boardwalk during a semi-crowded day, I came upon a man traveling in a wheelchair. He looked at me, laughed, and said, "Hey man, let me try that." I reacted by thinking here is a guy wanting to try something innovative who's obviously in a compromising situation, yet in public willing to overcome a disability no matter how ridiculous it might seem.

I replied, "Sure, Go for it." I stated, my name is Rich, while hopping off my skateboard (seen solo below resting on the Boardwalk) he replied, I'm an Ex-Marine Viet Nam vet, and my name Ron Kovic.

I Thought, how unique is it to see someone sailing down the road while others were casually walking by. Recording it for it's spectacular photographic opportunity, I recalled the old philosophy that "Nothing is impossible until it’s proven it could never be done." Upon discovering that there was a movie written about him and his heroic adventures during the Viet Nam War and his an ant-war activism, I was overwhelmed with pride knowing I met someone with such courageous stature nonetheless overjoyed that Ron was able to tell of his survival that inspires others to carry on .……