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Fifty years later, after graduating from CalArts (art school), I returned to the roof-tower-of the Beverly Wilshire Theater building at Wilshire Blvd. near La Cienaga Blvd. and re-recorded the identical vanishing perspective of the previously recorded black and white image (circa 1958) facing east from the same original spot. Only this time the image was zoomed in some toward the vanishing point. The contemporary updated color-digital format appears on this image during the day that was recorded on 2/20/2008.

By projecting how far we have come, juxtaposed by the progress of our present environment, technological changes and upgrading, and not having a crystal ball, it would be fantaical to imagine or predict what our future landscape might become.

Tick,Tick, Tick.......

Returning photograph from the same building of Mid-Wilshire Ca. in 2008
"Wilshire Blvd facing East. 2/20/2008