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The “Mahi Mahi” (named after a Hawaiian fish) at the historically festive Pacific Ocean Park (Nick-named P.O.P.) was a vanished amusement pier on the boarder line between the Venice and Santa Monica beaches in California "The Mahi Mahi" was one of many rides that amused people which would carry them from a mundane standard of life into a purely ecstatic gratification. The tall base of this euphoric ride would rotate, gain enough momentum for the three arms with fish cars attached at their ends to extend out and up and strategically raise. With increasing with speed, the cars would then spin and rotate as the arms became extended. The purpose of many amusement rides were designed to encourage joyful enjoyment, but "The Mahi Mahi" was scary while simultaneously ecstatic.

To ditch school and head for Venice Beach and P.O.P. was a more novel education and amusingly fanatical break from the tedious and rudimentary instructions in the classrooms.

In 1967, due to a series of destructive fires and yo-yoing investments that tortured the park’s promoters POP finally closed forever. Lengthy attempts were made to remove POP, yet the Mahi Mahi carcass and its pier pilings lingeringly remained as a monument to it's previous life. Fifteen years of pounding waves created an ideal surfing environment there. Eventually, in 1975 it was totally demolished. “The Cove” (named for this naturally sculptured playground for Surfing By The Sea), had adopted a, “No trespassing,” Stomping-Grounds Attitude, from a mutually self-respected group that declared For Local Surfers Only. This decaying landmark was vigilantly surfed and defended locally by an established alliance better known as the.........Z-BOYS (Abbr. ZEPHYR SURFING TEAM) who vaguely bordering their turf and so called name of,. . . .“DOGTOWN.” which was not the Cove's geographic name but merely a Local surfing State Of Mind that would enlighten the fact that if there were any intruders there they would be treated like a Pit-Dog in Dogtown. Any other reference to Dogtown is merely superficial and the advice is to stay out of (like the doghouse) Dogtown or else!

Also located in the background at the "Doors" concert and Wikipedia on:…………

"Mahi Mahi" a former P.O.P amusement park ride and "The Cove" a popular surfing location
"Mahi Mahi"

A former P.O.P amusement park ride and "The Cove" a popular surfing location.