Thirty years of casual skateboarding came to retirement without any major injuries.
"Poster Child for Senior Citizen Skateboarding" 7/20/2012

I've always been an active skateboarder, but after gracefully surrender this activity of my youth while I'm ahead of the game and luckily escaping any serious injuries after 32 years of eclectic concrete adventures, I've decided to retire from all of this so-called "Rolling Gymnastics" and merely enjoy the memories of my yesteryears! I'm nurturing strength of spirit when remembering the numerous and wonderful trips to Lake Mirage for windsailing (…) and transporting around town with amusing enjoyment. The reality of staying in one peice for future survival became instinctual for retiring and leaving this former activity to the next generation. I empathize with the amazing talents of the up and coming daredevils of today. Currently, the young professionals are under the age of 7 years old and are amazing!

So, Adios to the entertaining Cylinderical Liberties and privileges from my delightful former past. Minus the wheels and trucks the board was exhibited for four years at Maxwell's Cafe in Venice (…) We are currently (4/28/2017) searching for an appropriate location to display it in a pubic venue along with other historical skateboarding memorabilia such as images of Jay Adams… and the Dudley show-gang:…