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Now that Venice has become a mobilizing commodity, with all the movie companies, Rodeo Drive-like-Abbot Kinney Blvd., boutiques, tour busses, gourmet food trucks, upscale housing, restaurants, etc. that have moved in, isn't it about time to represent our sweet little community with some inherent “Old School” public art? We have been expressing our aesthetic innovations as murals for decades. Idea: Being given the permission of the building owner adjacent to the former Post Office, a funding source and a proficient muralist to reproduce the Edward Biberman mural 1941 (previously exhibited in the lobby of the former Post Office next door), wouldn't it be unique to reproduce, on a grand magnitude, this federally commissioned art as an icon depicting our former founder and developer, Mr. Abbot Kinney and remembering his lifelong perspective dream?

Biberman Mural mock up for a public mural
"Biberman Mural"

Should it go there?