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Venice Skills Center installation of the Boardwalk panorama and Beiberman mural reproductions for academic-sake!
"Art At School"Installations about Venice CA.Venice Skills Center1999-2015 (Graduated)

As permanent exhibits these iconic images depict this eclectic Venice California Community, as one of the most diversified environments in California and collectively on Earth.*

The Edward Biberman Mural and Venice Panorama have been reputed as renown symbols that renders Venice as a lengthy established and globally reputed pedestrian-amusement, located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.

The Venice Skills Center offers classes in a variety studies;……

The Venice Skills Center was the inspiration and educational facility for my learning Photoshop, Graphic Design, Website Development and innovative progresses while attending there for over 15 years from 1999-2015. Now, as an alumnus, I work at home and anywhere wifi is available, I FINALY graduated. My thanks goes out to all the professors and staff at the VSC and I wish them all the best.