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Roller Coaster ride with successful notables who have had ups and downs
Surviving The Ups and Downs Of Life Is Like . . ."Riding In The Park"

Successfully Overcoming Adversities . . .

Dalai Lama . . . Exiled/Guru-Monk/Philosopher/Cultural Leader
2017 Ms. Univrs. Demi-leigh Nel-Peters . Broken Home/B.A.Graduate
Tony Dow .TV Series, Sculptor, diseased 4/26/2022 R.I.P. good Friend
Martha Stewart . . . TV Hostess/Federal Imprisonment/Entrepreneur
Oprah Winfrey . . . Sexually Abused Child/Actress/Business Magnate
Mike Tyson .boxing Champ/Misused A Fortune/TV Personality
Maria Shriver . . . News Anchor/Domestic Surprise/Activist
Bruno Mars . . . Homeless/Recording Artist/3-Grammy Winner (2018)
Caitlyn Jenner . . Olympic Medalist/Transgender/TV Personality
Tony Robbins Cancer Survivor/Life Coach/Author/Charities
Richard Branson . . . Dyslexia /Entrepreneur/Author/Actor
Cher Bono Recording Idol/Music Industry Deity/Diligent Leader
Warren Buffett. Prostate Cancer Survivor/3rd Wealthiest On Earth

“Nothing Is Impossible On The Journey To Accomplish A Dream!”

This rollercoaster-compilation of images with living individual-passengers serves as an iconic model for those who are having difficulties resolving hard times and problems in their quest to survive!