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Another Van from GoFundMe

The 1978 Dodge-Camper-Van on the left has been my residence for thirty-four years. It has provided me with a home and layover lodging between housesitting assistance for friends. Originally acquired for Urban-Vehicular-Dwelling, traveling, housesitting layovers for friends, and a convenient home, throughout the years it has deteriorated progressively beyond any reasonable repair. 

The "GoFundMe" campaign at: (…) will allow me to purchase a more sustainable previously owned replacement between a 1995-2005 yr. / Road Trek model 190 (On the Right) or an equivalent Camper-Van.

The old Camper-Van will be donated to the local |ARC foundation|"

Any left over funds from this campaign will be forwarded and donated to other "GoFundMe" campaigns.

Campaign donors will receive a reproduced image selected from either from this website at: or on my instagram account at:

Thank you,
Richard Mann