This painting was my aesthetic interpretation of what a narcotic junkie envisions when staring into the spoon from an injection kit while waiting for their drugs to warm up. Wondering random illusions would drum up a variety of imaginations during their short periods of anticipation. Two of my friends passed away from their undisclosed intravenous overdoses and addictions in 1968. This painting was inspired by the result of the indelible impressions made upon me from those personal losses and concealed experiences.

My interest in hard drugs has never been influenced by my curiosity to alter my perception. Public awareness has alerted us of the dangers of drug addiction and has created lasting conscious impressions about the severity of substance abuse.

This painting along with six other works of my fine art were stolen from an exhibition installed at a Venice Beach restaurant that eventually went out of business and never recuperated.

Oil painting from 1974
"Spoon" 1973