Some of the my paintings were airbrushed and refined, while others were assembled as drip paintings. Some of the drawings and sketches were pre-conceived works in progress and previous concepts for the air-brushed oil paintings seen in works such as: "Dream Factory" "My Kahoutek" "The Analyst" "Spoon" "Tree House" etc.

Only a few of these art creations are within my collection, but have been recorded digitally for reproduction. Printing them on canvas by a Giclee Ink-Jet printing process reproduces them to an identical quality as the originals themselves.

Also additionnal locations at www.rvmann.com are at: rvmann.com/section/291363-Documentary-P…, rvmann.com/section/291366-Conceptual-Ph… rvmann.com/section/405819-Infrared-Phot…
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