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Venice Boardwalk panorama compilation photography 1979
Venice Boardwalk Panorama

The Venice Ocean Front Walk provides "Humble Merriment For The People" Recorded on film, in 1979 as a 60 exposure merged-compilation.

Since 1905 The Ocean Front (AKA Boardwalk) in Venice has provided merriment for this seaside communities's environment. Described as a Playground For The People This "Circus By The Sea" spans from Rose Ave (Once the site of the famed Pacific Ocean Park (P.O.P. 1958-1967) to Windward Ave. This ever-changing Beachfront Community provides entertainment for all. Its a place where the vital street culture not only survives, but flourishes as well. Regarded as the most popular "Free Of Charge" pedestrian-amusement in the United States, it remains as a "MonumentTo Urban Bohemia" and a venue where both the amused and amusement coexist.

Photographed along the Ocean's edge this mile-long parade of archaic architecture and diversified humanity of the North Venice Beach Boardwalk renown for its scenery and legendary appeal was originally recorded on film as a panorama by Richard Mann in 1979. Depicted as a metaphoric, multi-lifesytle paradise, it serves as a local, national and international iconic symbol reflecting the historical reminder of amusement parks everywhere.

The original is a model for numerous versions such as: posters, T-shirts, a flag, business cards, promotional graphics. and lineal canvas prints. reproductions-Ref:…

The original prototype is perinatally exhibited in the computer room at the Venice-Abbot-Kinney Memorial Branch library.