Imaginations seem to appear in the early morning hours after evolving from the. . . . . . . . "Labors Of The Sandman" into a ”Morphed Sobering Reality."

My Crazy Life: *Heading down "The path of Certainty"there may be questions, answers, solutions and indecisions influencing which direction to take.

Recreating lingering slumberous impressions at the most congenial time translates, interprets and transfers them at an ideal opportunity for them to be reproduced from memory immediately after awakening. This airbrushed image was a result of a prior undisturbed lengthy "Deep REM Fantasy" before that very early morning after being aroused after sleep.

Sigmund Freud might have been able to explain it, were as it may be an amusing mystery to decipher for a beholding audience to unscramble.

Air-brushed fantasy oil painting
"Dream Factory" 1969