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Whenever you are going to celebrate, be safe and do it gloriously as well! After hitch hiking from Hollywood CA. to Baton Rouge Louisiana, we attended the "Celebration Of Life Festival.",_Louisiana. As a gathering of over 150,000 people over the 3 days of rock performers, the festival and a variety of amusements such as the one pictured here was funfilled.

This photograph was recorded of the "Mud People" in a pit adjacent to the Atchafalaya River seen in the background. An assortment of men and women were slowly passed through a line of onlookers and massagers to create a nude euphoric social experience. Clean up afterwards was handy in the river. Seemingly very calm on the banks the river's inner center was extremely dangerous to pass from one side to the other due to a tremendous undertow. After being carried down the river for 1/2 mile, I frantically swam across and back. Muscle-cramped, exhausted and panic-stricken, I had eluded death by drowning that day. Others weren't so lucky. Similar to the Woodstock Festival in 1969, this festival and all it's side show circuses were truly an amusing "Celebration Of Life."

The mud people at the Celebration of Life Music Festival in Lousana 1969
"The Mud People"