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Cell phone-mentality and the social use and purpose in society

Many cell phone users find that mobile communications are vital contemporary implements for communicating with one and other and the Internet. Some employ them as trendy pacifiers, whereas anti-technology Luddites resist using them entirely. The almighty cellphone may just create the next subliminal revolution. Is multi-tasking of this nature a social divergence or simply a major necessary means to stay well connected in the rapid proactive ever changing times we live in? Maybe so, but they seem to distract many users from paying attention to the environment that surrounds them, especially in public.

Smart phones can do a multitude of tasks, but should NOT be used "WHILE DRIVING, BICYCLING ETC." unless conjoined by blue tooth assistence. Computers no longer have us confined to stationary land based equipment to be connected with the highly broadcasted, abundantly traveled World Wide Web also known as the all mighty, well traveled... "Information Super Highway." Currently, most any of the Internet transactions and applications are promotable and conveniently available by Smartphones, Tablets, IPads, and Smart-Watches.

Imagine being able to journey anywhere, record imagery, write, edit, illustrate, author, publish, distribute and be paid rapidly for a digitally created manuscript, all very fittingly performed at your finger tips from any location on this planet by means of a portable digital Internet connected-computerized cellphone or digital device. As we become more robotic along with everything else, they may just become installed as a common body accessory, as we charge forward into the wave of the future in this phenomenal period of time we live in!
- Richard Mann

Recent cell-phone experience:

As I entered an elevator and saw a man alone with his head down looking at his cellphone, he briefly looked up, saw me gleaming at him and looked back down again. After looking back up again, to break the ice he asked “So, how is you’re day going?" My confessing replied was, “It’s iffy.” “He said why iffy?” I said, well, I just avoided a major collision with a distracted motorist using a cell-phone. Speechless he looked back down and after a momentary lull of silence, this time I broke the ice and stated, “I just discovered a new addicting-social-disease!” He looked up in surprise and cunningly said, “Well that should win a Nobel Prize.” What’s the disease?” I replied, “People using cell-phones” because there are some who dislike those who obsessively abuse them entirely.” He swiftly looked up with a ghost like expression on his face, shoved his cell-phone in his pocket. Maybe he thought he is afflicted with the same obsession I was revealing and got off the elevator on the next floor - Richard Mann