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Atlantic City New Jersey Boardwalk Panorama
Atlantic City New Jersey
Boardwalk" Circa 1984"

After completing the Venice Beach Ca. Boardwalk Panorama, I sold every valuable possession I had and ventured on a bus to New York City to record the two most significant Boardwalks on the east coast. While staying with a friend from Venice who then lived in the Eastside of Manhattan. I had undertaken to record both the, "Coney Island" and "Atlantic City New Jersey Boardwalks". Upon the completion of the "Coney Island Panorama", I headed onto another bus to Atlantic City New Jersey. Bewildered by the geographic conditions there, I had to return back to New York due to my being unable to film the Atlantic City Boardwalk because of the fact that the shoreline was too close to the boardwalk and the height of the buildings were way too tall. It was suggested that I hire an airplane with a track camera. Not having the funds for that kind of apparatus, while in rash desperation, I hired a ghostwriter in New York who wrote a letter to Donald Trump for his assistance to underwrite this project. Trump’s buildings were located on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. His office secretary replied that my proposal lacked the sufficient amount of funds needed to even approach him. She stated that, I was short of the funding needed to attract "The Donald's" attention and that he receives fifty submittals a day requesting a million dollars or more whereas my measly $50,000 was way too trivial by comparison to all the other requests. My passion for this art concept was foreshortened by a business protocol, which I could not control or even get to explain to Trump himself. I then returned back to New York City with the unique panorama camera I rented to photograph both Boardwalks and then once again, later, back to the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Upon walking out on the end of the adjacent pier to re-examine the situation, I witnessed a European tourist record the Atlantic City Boardwalk with the identical camera in two opposite directions. After slapping my forehead and mumbling to myself, Now Why Didn't I Think Of That I repeated the similar technique and simply solved that problem. Impoverished, with the processed film in my backpack, I hitchhiked back to Venice and compiled the Atlantic City Panorama.