Hot Rod Prius (photoshopped)
"Hot Rod Hybrid"

Wouldn't it be nice to sport a dual engine-hybrid that combines an eco-friendly 50 MPG electric motor in the rear with a High performance engine in front. What an ideal vehicle to navigate and breeze through traffic. There is such a variable assortment of motorists and vehicle types these days, that it would be rewarding to be and have an "All I One Choice!"

To have the satisfaction of being able to out maneuver the most fanatic egotistic throttle jockey and yet keep up with the Jones's Of Conservatism would be like having the most quintessential feeling of self control waiting at a signal light with either power source as “Sleeping Giants” at the ready.

Any store bought Lamborghini, Corvette, Ferrari or average cross-breed would be mere "Child's Play Of Competition" when dealing with a pretentious wheel standing "Docile-Diehard-Prius" on the loose!
Du Dum Dum….LOL!