One of my first cars from Richard Mann
"My First Subaru"

But not my last!

Back in 1972, I bought this 1965 Subaru (Sabaru's first import) for $75.00 from a previous owner that thought it had a broken transmission only to replace the U-joint for a mere $6.00, decorated it like it were splashed with water when driving through a puddle when everyone else was painting flames and redecorated it immensely. I sold it as an art car for $1,000.

The engine was a two cylinder 360 cu. in. rear mounted-air cooled two cycle type with a three 3 speed transmission. What a thriller, it handled like a go-cart with suicide doors. it was so light in front that it was easy to pick up and park in the tightest of spaces.

With all the mini-cars being produced today (2013) this fits in as a classic.