"An Environmental issue"

Employ reusable shopping bags to markets for gathering up
replacing plastic bags that are catastrophically piling up
our environment has been overwhelmingly filled up
reduce excessive rubbish, reuse and recycle up
the planet deserves a respectable heads up
as we are left to thinking, "What's Up?"
before our unpredicted time is up!
To process these pollutants up
carbon dioxide chokes us up
as the Earth struggles up
an unexpected goof up
we'll sadly lose it up
unless we team up
and reverse it up
a scuzzy creek
is where we'll
be headed
. . . . . up!
So, lets

Businesses that allow their costumers to exit with disposable bags may be solving their advertising needs and customer convenience, but are not helping to solve our ever-growing environmental issues in the long run. Let’s hope that somnolent shoppers get the hint and consider reusable assistance when they shop!

Thanks, R Mann

"Planetary Responsibility"