On June 13, 2015, our local Venice CA. friend, martial arts instructor and Dojo owner, Fabricio Werdum, with a 20-5-1 record, conquered over the current challenging titleholding champion, Cain Velasquez in Mexico City, Mexico. Both Valesquez and Werdum survived numerous knockout caliber devastating blows during the bout, but were determined to execute their best performance. Fabricio came through with a surprising submission. During the third round he applied a complex Rear Mounted Guillotine Chockhold forcing Velasquez to tap out. Once again, the victoriously reigning Brazilian/American international champion, Fabricio Werdum will have another good reason to party hearty "Until The Cows Come Home."…

Fabricio Werdum, UFC fighter, title fight, mexico City,June 13th 2015
UFC heavyweight champion
"Fabricio Werdum" defeated
"Cain Velasquez"