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Mother comes to baby's rescue after chaos compilation of story and photo by Richard Mann
"Domestic Serenity"

(Anonymous Author) Discovered In My Mother's Diary
Post Mom Passing Peacefully On . . .
Title And Location Unknown 1965 . . . . . . . . . It's Three AM in the peacefully muted morning as a sweet-faced young women lies in deep sleep exhausted from the household duties and chores of a long day. The night Is quiet, not a leaf moves on the trees near the street outside her bedroom window. Suddenly, the stillness is shattered by a loud gunshot blast in the street. The shocking echo reverberates throughout the women's home, but she does not stir. Ten minutes later police cars tear past the house as sirens were screaming. Still the women sleeps as her pretty face remains in complete tranquility. Almost on the heels of the chaos comes an ear-splitting crash? Two automobiles have collided head on not fifty feet from her bed. Her features maintain the same calm beauty of profound sleep. Once again the night is still. Then from a room in the back of the house comes a tiny, feeble cry, barely as a whisper! Like a bolt of lightning the young woman is out of her bed, through the house to her baby . . . . . . . . . . . . ."This Is a Mother"