Working in the film industry for five years was either energetic, tediously boring or a combination of both during the productions. I always had a pencil and sketching pad handy just to pass the time. The energy in this doodle reflects the feeling I transferred on paper during takes when we were indirectly involved in the activities. This particular sketch was one of a series of drawings while working on the film, "They Shoot Horses, Don't They." Sometimes, while doodling Sidney Pollack, the director, would look over my shoulder to see the progress of my drawings. He mentioned at times he would adopt some of my images and ideas when he was composing his scenes. Kind of like a visionary piggy backing on a vision. Eventually some sketches would be reproduced as oil paintings. "Busy minds" frequently create theaters of profound ingenious imagination!…

Sketches on a movie set
"Busy Minds"