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These images interpret the way I feel about the intervention between the photographic process and the witnessing of any given moment.
Art serves many purposes, but It's major functions are to; Instruct, Thrill and Inspire.
The SURREAL CONCEPTS attempt to reveal feelings of obscured subliminal wisdom's common to us all! As metaphors they interpret dreams and aide in the search for personal truths and mythologies, were as the DOCUMENTARY RECORDINGS are basically locations of Boardwalks and their surrounding areas where people congregate with impunity, usually carefree from the agitations of the mind.

In everyday reality, life moves along through time and space hardly leaving a mere trace of it's former existence. Photography records these instances, and presents them as frozen moments to a viewing audience. Greek philosophy describes photography as "To Write With Light" so, whether a film or digital format isolates these brief visual amusements, given the proper exposure we are afforded the opportunity to decipher and make sense of the truths and profound evidences that prevail. These original, conceptual, or altered photographic images depict and render a kind of story that validates our former and present reality that remains suspended as a likeness and resemblance.

The inclusion of clouds in many of these images are designed to ethereally empathize with the almost uninhibited dominion on earth and as iconic metaphoric symbols embody and represent a feeling of relaxation as they are virtually the. . . . . . . . .Sheet Music Of The Skies

My work is either Documentary or Conceptual in natural, were as some the styles and compositions are visually developed as either: black & white, color, or occasionally in a combination of both genres. Digital applications are progressively superseding adequately functioning technologies of the past, but for selective applications film is still relevant for a variety of sustaining of reasons.

In my quest to visually record and combine all of the remaining major waterside amusement areas of the world, so far I have managed to chronicle the Venice Beach, Atlantic City, and Coney Island Boardwalks in linear perspectives, were as the remaining worldly locations remain unexposed but are more or less timely projects waiting to happen.

Many of the Los Angeles Panoramas exhibited on this site were record from The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overview State Park. For directions and information for the park email Richard Mann at:*

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