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ART: Surrealism, photo-realism, satire, humor
PHOTOGRAPHY Film ARTISTS: Ansel Adams, Scott Mutter, Diane Arbus
COLORS: 18% gray, lemon yellow, Fire engine-red and navy blue
SHAPES; Triangles, circles, ovals, Dollars $$$$$$$ LOL
PAINTERS: Yves Tanguy, Dali, John Douglas Cline, Van Gogh, Rockwell,
Edouard Manet , M.C.Escher, H. Bosch, Von Dutch, Ron Cobb, Roberta
Matta, Robert Williams, Rich Mahon, Roberto Bryan
SCULPT-ERS: Rodin, Claire Faulkenstein, Ellen Burr, Tony Dow
CHESS PLAYERS: Garry Kasparov, Deep Blue 4, Adam Ferrell,
PHOTO-ART WORKS: Moonrise Hernandez (Ansel Adams), Luncheon on the
Grass (Manet), Scream, Starry Nights
ART TERMS: Chiaroscuro, Horror Vacui, Rule Of Thirds, Avant-Garde,
Ambiguity, reciprocity, zone system
ART AUCTIONS ONLINE: Craigslist, Ebay,, nomorerack
ART TECHNIQUES: Squinting, Early morning notes/creating, specials effects,
digital illustrations, Photoshop
MUSEUMS: J. P. Getty, M.O.C.A., Kodak, Pompidou, Eastman, LA center 4
digital arts, LACMA, Tolerance
CAREERS: Teaching; Fine art photography, flying rings, sport Judo, urban
motorcycling, Digital fine art photography
ADVISES: Stay focused, maintain well being, coexist with others, avoid
depression, stay busy, be educated, reorganize, renovate, replenish, stay
moving, be alive, “We Are All Needed!” Avoid dangerrous multitasking
QUOTES: "To err is human, to really screw up use a computer" "4 sure"
"Doin A What Comes Naturally", "Can't we all just get along" (R.King)
BOOKS: Photoshop CS 5, Art of Living, HTML for Dummies, Art,
Interpretation of dreams, Psychic sciences, Touched with Fire, Unquiet
Mind, Book Of Lists, Zen and the art of M M, Almanac, North Beach,
90291, Rubber Tramps
DICTIONARIES: slang, rhyming, thesaurus, computer dictionary, Google, etc.
BOOK (Publishing) IDEAS: Life: "Somewhere Between Rapid Cycling And The
Dangers Of Multitasking, and "There Once Was A Planet That Lived"
INVENTIONS: Lifelight (auto safety), The Uninsured Motorist Detector (gag) ,
Anti-cellphone driving...bumper stickers, Baby tracking device, Caster
ball bearing Ballet Slipper for film performance productions, Laptop
carrier and support bag, Air releasing water spout for plastic containers
SCREEN PLAY: Van Go-er (a saga from "Urban Vehicular Domesticity")
LIBRARIES: Venice, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Mar Vista, Los Angeles
LAPL, Beverly Hills
TIME OF DAY & NIGHT (PST): Sunrise & Sunset, evening slumber
AIR TEMP: 75° (day) 68° (Eve.)*
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Light overcast (days) clear (nights)
PLANETS: Earth, Moon, Mars
Ambient-Radio…No stress (online)
RECORDING ARTISTS: Eva Cassidy, Rickie Lee Jones, Lyle Tuttle, Smokey
Robinson, Bobby Hatfield, Alicia Keys, Corrine Bailey Reye, Christina
Agulaura, BB Mack, Iz, Adele, Walter Trout-recovery, Tinsley Ellis-Axe,
Mariah Carey, Ahian Sheenan-Te Karanga (too many more to list!
REDORDING GROUPS: Brian Eno, Vangelis, Have a Smoke DAB, Song To
The Siren-Mortal Coil, Boys II Men, Avemano-Era, Fur Elise-Beethoven #9,
Earth Wind Fire-Fantasy, Beach Boys-Warmth Of The Sun, Venice-always
MUSIC: Salsa, Instrumentals, Blues, jazz, Techno, R&B, Pop, Ballads,
classical, clasic Rock & Roll
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Flute, Hand drums (congas), auto dashboards
DOG BREEDS: Olde English Bulldogs, Dobermans, Yellow labs, Ibizan-
Pharaoh hounds, Rat Terriers, Bergomosco, Mutts
CATS: Tabbies, Burmese
ANIMALS: (all) Elephants, Giraffes, Dogs, Cats, Orangutans, Horses
WEAPONS FOR SELF DEFENSE: Empathy, The kind word, Kevlar, Capsaicin
(pepper spray), Judo, Tai Chi, keep eyes open, tell a joke, yell, count to
ten, Block and Duck, quick recovery from the opposing aggression
RESTAURANTS: Vietnamese Pho soup-Downtown, Tarasco's, Leaf, Magic
Wok, Venice AleHouse, Subway, Ruby's
CLOTHING: Cargo shorts, caps, plaids, T- shirts, Merrell’s & clogs
SPORTS: Gymnastics (Flying Rings) Grand National Champion (1959),
single & dual line stunt-kite flying,
GYMNASTS: Albert Azarian, Dmitri Bilozerchev, Nadia Comaneci, Olga Corbet,
Kohei Ushimura (best all time) Kenzo Shirai (watch him in Rio 2016)
BOXERS: Men: Rocky Marciano, Mohammed Ali, Joe Luis, Ray (Windmill)
White, Max Gold (My father) George Foreman, Butter Bean
BOXERS: Women: Lala Ali, Christie Mc Martin
SPECTATOR SPORTS: Gymnastics, Tennis, Boxing, UFC, Big
Wave Surfing, Super Motard racing
EXERCISING: Bicycling, deep breathing, crunches, weight-training
GYM EQUIPMENT: Rowing, stationary cycling and crunch machines
PASTIMES: Fim & digital imaging, photoshoping innovative imagery
Social Networking, Personal Contacts, Facebook, Website
Design, Getting my act cleaned up, Keeping my ducks in line,
Planning, Organizing, Current Events, Art openings, Kite Flying,
Travel, Relaxation, Fanaticizing, International e-mail pen-paling,
Television, Automtive maintenance, Personal hygiene
ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURES: Quonset huts, Geodesic Domes, Under-
ground, Sub-aquatic,
FURNITURE: Hammock, pillows, recliners
STUDIES: Website Design, Photoshop CS 5, Photography, Nutrition, Imagery
HEALTH WEBSITES:, Dr. OZ, Sherry Brascia
*SWAP MEETS: *TRW Parking lot-Computer-Electronics-Last Sat. morn. of each
month at 7am,
THRIFT SHOPS: Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Monica, Oxnard, Mar Vista
MOVIES: Dramatic: Rebel Without A Cause, Black Board Jungle, Last Tango In
Paris, 2001 A Space Odyssey, 7th Samurai, Shock Corridor, Flash Gordon,
Home Of The Brave (1949), God's Must Be Crazy, Door to Door, Coco's Nest,
Bicycle Thief, Koyanisqatsai, Bagdad Cafe, Loved one, Being there, Outbreak,
Torque, Mind's Eye, The Gate, Heart is a lonely hunter, Wild One, King Kong,
Guess whose coming to dinner, Pawnbroker, John Q and numerous others.
MOVIES: Comedy: Modern Times, Hulot's Holiday, Little Rascals, Laurel &
Hardy's, Three Stooges, Eastside Kids, Hellsapoppin
SCENES: Bath the Good, Bad, and The Ugly, Harry meets Sally-
"I'll have what she's having”
ACTORS: Dramatic: Tishiro Mifune, Rod Stieger, James Edwards, Lee Van
Cleef, Sidney Portier, Jack Nickolson, Robert DiNiro, Al Pacino,
Sean Penn, Peter Lorre, Morgan Freeman, Steve McQueen,
Russell Crowe, Humphrey Bogart, Dustin Hoffman, Alan Arkin,
James Dean, Marlon Brando, Jack Palance, Densel Washington
ACTORS: Comedy: Buster Keaton, W.C. Fields, Jacques Tate, Laurel & Hardy,
Peter Sellers, Steve Harvey, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy,
Richie Pryor, Tony Dow, Keenan Ivory Wienans, Christopher
Titus, Michael Richards, (and many more)
ACTRESSES: Dramatic: Sissily Tyson, Jean Stapleton, Katharine Hepburn,
Tyne Daly, Jessica Tandy, Faye Dunaway, Halle Berri
ACTRESSES: Comedy: Shelly Long, Katey Segal, Lilly Tomlin, Jean Stapleton,
Carol Burnett (and many more) Julia-Louis Dryfus
TV: Dramatic: Dragnet, Then Came Bronson
ONE LINERS: "I'll buy that for a dollar"-ROBOCOP, "We Don't Need No Stinkin
Badges"-Sierra Madre, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"
Gable-Gone W T Wind, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to
take it any more" (Network), "I wouldn't hurt a fly"-Psycho,
"What we've got here is a failure to communicate" (Cool Hand
Luke), "Rosebud"- C. Kane, "I could have been a contender"-
Brando-On the waterfront
PROVERBS: "Those who laugh...last"
TV Comedy Shows: All in The Family, Honeymooners, Life of Riley, In Living
Color, Seinfeld, Titus, Americas Funniest Videos,Little Big Shots, Ninja Warriors
TV GAME SHOWS: Jeopardy, Family Feud, Millionaire, Mr. wizard, Beat The
Clock, Lotto, You Bet Your Life, America's Got Talent
TV MAGAZINES: You Asked For It, 60 Minutes, Ripley's
TV CHANNELS: 2, 4, 7, 9, 11 13, 28, 50
CIRCUS: Cirque Du Soleil, Pickle Family, Big Apple, Chinese Magic
CARTOON CHARACTERS: Popeye, Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy,
Duckman, Betty Boop, Heckle & Jeckle, Little Lu Lu
ANIMATED FILMS: Toy Story, Minds Eye, Simpsons, American Dad,
South Park, Family Guy
LOGOS: Apple (Mac), 99 cents only, Edsel
*CARS: Vector, Tim's Rocket #1 & #2, Mc Claren P1, Rolls Phantom, hotrods etc.

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