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Two individual portfolios:

Intermittently, during the time period between the late 1950's through the 1980's, I was creating imagery with pencil, oils, and occasional airbrushing while simultaneously experiencing and learning to apply photography to record and archive the Fine Art creations for the lack of having a record of them after they became relocated or sold. Photography became a more enthusiastic and involved genre, eventually replacing all other fine arts.

Prior to attending Santa Monica College, CalArts, Cal. State Fullerton, and working in the Fine Art Photography genre, those images from that collection are currently located in the Fine Art galleries on this website. Please click on the individual thumbnail icons to open each work of art, accompanying interpretations and dialogue. Scroll down in blue for their complete text.

Some of the refined oil painting characters on the canvases were enhanced, by layering over with a dry-brushing technique. The integrity of the background based layer of the air-brushing was not interrupted by transparently applying the dry-brushing technique when drawing out latent ambient images found within the pre-existing raw airbrushed backgrounds.

Documentary, surreal, avant-garde, compilations, and visionary images are the major collections of photographic imagery and fine art included within these separate portfolios. For combined and complete collections of all imagery please visit More select the thumbnail icons and scroll in the dialogue window for the accompanying text.

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Thank you.