The following drawings evolved from sketches created between the mid 1950's to the 1980's. The major portion of this collection came about from my spare time while working in the film industry as an electrician and lighting director for TV and commercial film productions and while attending high school, art schools, colleges and universities. Working with Jack Webb (producer and actor on the TV series Dragnet) for three years afforded me the opportunity to create most of these images with more availability of any other locations. Some of these drawings were prototypical models and former designs for recreating them as oil paintings. Their descriptions and references are included in the dialogue windows to the right of each image.

These casual sketches are the result having spontaneous spare time-moments while creating with materials that were conveniently handy at that time. Technologies have superseded the quick-sketch in the past to the quick-click of a digital point and shoot camera of the present, but the fond recording of these "Sketches" remains.