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"Dreamer" (Depicted here) and represented at:

Symbolizes the need to relax, unwind, study our lives, and justify motives in this rapidly ever-changing world in which we pass through ever so briefly.

Included within some of these Conceptual Compilations is the appearance of lofty clouds. Symbolically, they represent and are interpreted as metaphors for life’s subjective state of mind. They give rise to the ethereal aspirations depicting our dreams as imaginations embodied by the most wondrous dominion on Earth. They are virtually the "Sheet Music Of The Skies."
Amongst its numerous motivations, art’s basic intention is to; Inspire, Educate and Stimulate Imaginations.

Whether recorded with film or the more contemporary digital formats, these isolated amusements give license to the benefits of viewing and deciphering the truths and visible evidences that are established as records. In everyday reality, life prevails along barely leaving a trace of its former existence while traveling through time and space. Rendered as visual recordings, these instances interplay between the frozen moments projected to and witnessed by an interested audience and the actual images themselves. Moderate Grecian terminology translates the common term of photography as "To Write With Light." These "Imagery" artifaacts are either unaltered documentaries or visionary philosophical perceptions by nature. As ambiguous-didactic languages they also remain openly clarified, understood and determined by the deciphering imaginations of their observers.

Many of these images may be viewed at: (For selecting the slideshow, click on the slideshow-symbol on the top right side of the Flickr title page.)

For the past 52 years, these visions have steered me to *photographically record, innovate, document, computer-generate images, and recently Black and White infrared digital recordings and formerly developed Drawings and Paintings into an assorted "Graphic Arts Collection."

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